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As Himmelfarb Library begins the transition into Our New Normal, you may have questions about where to access certain services and resources we provide. Here’s a guide on what you’ll find available online and in-person.


All of our e-journals, e-databases, and e-books remain available online. We also provide our Documents2Go service entirely online, where you can request articles unavailable in our collection.

We offer instructions on downloading and installing our mobile apps to your device.

There is a host of information available on our Research Guides, everything from question banks to anatomy images, and much more!

Himmelfarb’s Reference team is also available online. Our chat service is monitored by reference staff 8:30AM-8PM EST Monday through Thursday and 8:30AM-5PM EST Friday. Have a question a little too involved for chat? We can also schedule individual meetings with a reference librarian via WebEx. Email us at to start the process!


In addition to our print collection available in our book stacks, you can also find our multimedia collection, audiovisual collection, and software resources on the third floor, in the Bloedorn Technology Center.

Our special collections, the Humanities & Health collection, Historical collection, and Healthy Living collection, are all accessible in-person.

Some of our older journals are kept in on-site storage as bound volumes. You can request a specific volume for perusal by following the instructions on our Borrowing and Requesting page.

Anatomy models are available in various places throughout the library. Our skeletal models and bone boxes are up on the third floor. Heart and brain models can be checked out at the Circulation desk.

If you have any questions about access as we move forward with Our New Normal, reach out to us at or call the Circulation Desk at 202-994-2962.

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Himmelfarb Library would like to welcome all of our new users! Whether you are a new resident, fellow, physician assistant or public health student, we welcome you to the GW community! Himmelfarb is ready to serve you and help make your experience here a positive one. You may be curious about what Himmelfarb has to offer and how you can make the most of our resources and services. Here are the top five things we’d like you to know about Himmelfarb:

1) Getting Research Help is Easy!

Our reference librarians are available to answer your questions and provide research support when and where you need help. Get your research and library-related questions answered right from your computer by using the Ask a Librarian service! Reference librarians are available to answer your texts and instant message questions Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-8:00pm, and Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm. 

2) Himmelfarb Resources are Available Anytime, Anywhere.

Himmelfarb’s 100 databases, 4,100 journals, and 4,500 e-books are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our e-book collection includes most major textbooks from most fields. Install the LibKey Nomad Google Chrome browser extension for seamless and speedy access to full-text articles available through Himmelfarb. After installing the extension, choose ‘George Washington University - Himmelfarb Library’ as your institution, and you’ll be all set. For more information about accessing Himmelfarb’s online resources including tips for navigating articles, check out our E-Resources FAQs page.

To access our electronic resources from off-campus, we recommend connecting to the GW VPN. The Himmelfarb off-campus access page provides additional information about installing the VPN and accessing electronic resources with your GW NetID. Many of our resources are also available as mobile apps for download on your mobile devices. 

3) 3D Printing is Available!

Himmelfarb has a 3D printer available for use by faculty, staff and students in SMHS, SON, GWSPH, the GW Hospital and the MFA. 3D printing will be available once the library opens its doors again. For more information about 3D printing at Himmelfarb, check out our 3D Printing Guide.

4) If We Don’t Have It, We’ll Do Our Best To Get It For You.

While we attempt to make our collection as robust as possible, we don’t have access to everything. In the event that we don’t have access to a resource that you need, you can place a request through our Interlibrary Loan/Documents2Go service. Through this service, we are able to work with a nationwide network of libraries to obtain a copy of a needed resource on your behalf. Articles are normally delivered within 24-72 hours. Interested in learning more about this service? Check our in-depth Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery guide.

5) The Health Sciences Research Commons Can Expand the Reach of Your Research!

Health Sciences Research Commons (HSRC) is Himmelfarb’s institutional repository, and is a perfect place for you to share your research output during your time at GW. All faculty, researchers, students (with the sponsorship of a faculty member), and staff affiliated with SMHS, SON, GWSPH at GW are eligible to submit their scholarly works to HSRC. By placing your work in HSRC, your work will be easily shareable and discoverable via Google Scholar and other search engines. If you have questions about the HSRC, take a look at the FAQ page or contact Sara Hoover (, Metadata and Scholarly Publishing Librarian, for more information.

This top five list is just a glimpse into all that Himmelfarb has to offer! In addition to the resources mentioned above, we have numerous research guides on a wide variety of topics. Tutorials are also available on a variety of topics. Himmelfarb welcomes you to the GW community! 



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In Wednesday’s blog post we shared Himmelfarb Library’s electronic clinical case study resources to incorporate in your online instruction. Today we’d like to share some of the electronic question banks Himmelfarb provides access to. While Himmelfarb provides access, in order to unlock all features you must create a personal account. Instructions for doing so are provided.

Exam Master Medical Subject Review provides over 9,000 questions and explanations to prepare for the USMLE Steps 1, 2, and 3. Exam Master tries to emulate the board exams, helping students build confidence by identifying strengths and improving on weaknesses. In order to use Himmelfarb’s Exam Master, you must make a free Exam Master account, then access Exam Master while on campus or when logged in to the VPN.

USMLEasy offers questions and answers to prepare for Steps 1, 2 CK, and 3. Their customization feature allows you to select topic coverage and the number of questions. You’re also able to annotate exam questions and answers. In order to access USMLEasy, access the webpage through the provided link and create a personal profile.

BoardVitals provides test banks for NBME Shelf Exams in seven different medical subjects. Features include timed test conditions, study tips, and individualized study recommendations based on practice test performance. In order to register, connect via the VPN and create an account at the link provided. After you’ve logged in once while connected to the VPN, you’ll be able to access your account from anywhere.

PA Exam Prep offers practice questions for PANCE and PANRE, as well as customizable features like topic coverage, number of questions, and annotation. In order to unlock these customizations, create a free account at the provided link.

For additional online instruction resources, check out Himmelfarb’s Online Instruction Research Guide. Our librarians are happy to assist with any questions you might have as well. Email us at, or connect via our Ask Us chat.

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We are thrilled to let you know the GW Writing Center has reopened in online status starting today, Tuesday, March 24th! Writing Center hours for the rest of the Spring 2020 semester will be:

  • Sunday 5PM-10PM EST
  • Monday - Thursday 9AM-9PM EST
  • Friday 9AM-3PM EST

All appointments for the remainder of the semester will be held via Zoom. The Writing Center has used Zoom for distance appointments with GW's online students for the past two years, so Writing Center consultants are already familiar with it. Additionally, all appointments will be 50 minutes to ensure consultants and clients have enough time to get substantive work done.

You can schedule an appointment, chat with a front desk assistant via WebEx, or review their COVID-19 policies on the Writing Center website.

Due to the current upgrade of the George Washington University VPN system, users will be required to update their version of Cisco Anyconnect software to Version 4.5. If you are installing and logging into your GW VPN for the first time the software update will happen automatically after connecting.
Users currently running Cisco Anyconnect version 3.1 may have difficulty upgrading their software version and will need to uninstall the current version of Cisco Anyconnect, and download the current available version located at
If you need assistance uninstalling the legacy version of Cisco Anyconnect VPN software or updating to the newest version, please contact the GW IT Support Center at 202-994-4948 or via email at for further assistance.
Need help accessing Himmelfarb Library's online collections?  Please consult our step-by-step off-campus access instructions!

GW Single sign onGW has recently made changes to the sign-on process used by many users to access Himmelfarb Library's online resources.  The updated sign-on now includes  uApprove, which asks users to accept terms of use and consent to have information provided to services accessed using the single sign-on application.   Users should accept the terms of use and consent in order to access Himmelfarb's databases, e-books, and e-journals.
If you have questions, please read more about the changes to single sign-on or contact Laura Abate (

GW NetIDChanges to off-campus access to Himmelfarb Library‘s online resources have gone into effect!

Users can now login to library resources using their GW NetID and password.  The GW NetID and password combination is the same combination used to login to GW Email and Blackboard.

Faculty, staff and students who have not already done so should claim a GW NetID.
Users who have forgotten their password may reset their password.

Access our complete off-campus access instructions, or if you have any questions, please contact Laura Abate at

unlocked lockAt the end of July 2015, a change to login procedure for off-campus access to Himmelfarb Library's online resources will go into effect.  Currently, users can login via the WRLC Library Services login using a combination of their last name and either their GWid (G#) or GWorld barcode number.

Beginning later this month, users will need to use their GW NetID and password to login via WRLC Library Services.  The GW NetID and password combination is the same combination used to login to GW Email and Blackboard.

All GW students, residents, faculty and staff are eligible for a GW NetID.  If you haven't done so already, please claim your GW NetID.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Computer RepairGW network upgrades to increase security will occur on Saturday, May 23, 2015 from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am.  During this time, users may experience intermittent outages of both Internet access and the following services:

  • VPN
  • Blackboard
  • GW Google Mail Single Sign-On
  • GWeb
  • MyGW Portal

If you need additional information please consult the complete list of affected services or contact the Division of Information Technology at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or IT.GWU.EDU.

Technology assistance is available through the IT Support Center 24 hours a day. Additionally, technology assistance is available at Tech Commons located in the Lower Level of Gelman Library.

Image citation: ShellyS. (2008).  Computer Repair is a Dangerous Job; the Grim Reaper is Always Lurking [Online image].  Available at:

Internet Splat MapGW has replaced the existing VPN (Virtual Private Network) access with a new VPN that launched today.  The VPN allows your computer to function as though it is on the GW campus and therefore allows you to access most databases, e-texts, and e-journals without additional logins. The new VPN should provide more stable access to Himmelfarb Library resources and is easy to use, but does represent a change in workflows for users.

Instructions for connection via the VPN (Recommended)


  1. Download and install the VPN client, Cisco AnyConnect.
  2. The first time you connect type into the box, then click Connect.
  3. Login to VPN with your GW NetID and password (the same login/password that you use for your GWMail or CMail).
  4. Access the Himmelfarb Library website again. You can now access databases, e-texts, and e-journals without any additional logins.

Connecting to the VPN

  1. On your computer, start the program Cisco AnyConnect then select the GW address ( and select Connect.
  2. Login to VPN with your GW NetID and password (the same login/password that you use for your GWMail or CMail).
  3. Additional information:

Himmelfarb Library's alternate means of off-campus access, WRLC Library Services login, will continue to function normally.  Instructions for both VPN and WRLC Library Services are available from Himmelfarb Library's Off-Campus Access instructions.


Image citation: Jurvetson, S. (2004) Internet splat map.  Retrieved December 22, 2014 from


GW is committed to digital accessibility. If you experience a barrier that affects your ability to access content on this page, let us know via the Accessibility Feedback Form.