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Get Customized Quizzes for PANCE/PANRE with PA Exam Prep!

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PA Exam Prep (formerly PAEasy) is an online tool designed to help you prepare for the PANCE and PANRE.


With its bank of 1700+ questions, PA Exam Prep can generate random practice quizzes for you. You may also create customized quizzes tailored to specific areas of study:

  • Choose your level of difficulty.
  • Establish keywords that should appear in the quizzes.
  • Define your learning objectives from among:
    • Areas of focus (family medicine, emergency medicine, OB/GYN, etc.)
    • Organ systems (cardiovascular, EENT, hematologic, etc.)
    • Task areas (history taking, ordering labs, pharmaceutical therapeutics, etc.)
  • Choose among three test modes: Practice, Test, and Simulation (simulates the actual exam).

Test your knowledge of the human body with 100 full-color Anatomy flash cards.

PA Exam Prep provides both quiz and course performance summaries. You’ll receive updated skills reports in all program areas.

After entering your scheduled PANCE/PANRE test date, use the Study Plan to choose your preferred pace of study with a prep mode (aggressive, moderate, relaxed) to help you reach your target.


Visit Himmelfarb Library and search our E-Databases page. Or use the VPN to connect to the E-Databases page from off-campus. Just create a free account and you’re ready to go!

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