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By practiceyogadistrict

Being a Christian in a region of Thailand where less than .5% of the population is Christian has been a challenging thing. Thailand is a predominantly buddhist country, therefore there are buddha images everywhere you look. It's strange seeing the people around me worship a god that is not the God that I believe in. However, one of the sweetest gifts I have experienced in my time here has been finding a Christian church. The church in English is called Covenant Church, however it has another name in Thai. Something I love about Thailand is how relationally focused Thai people are. And church certainly reflects that. Before the Sunday afternoon worship service, the whole church will gather for lunch, a time to catch up with one another about the week that just passed and how we have been. It has been a joy to build relationships with Thai's who have the same faith as me during this time. Though we come from completely different backgrounds, we have the core of who we are in common. After lunch we have a time of worship. Worshiping God in Thai is a completely new experience, but also incredibly familiar. Though I don't understand the words to the songs, I can understand the heart of the people worshipping around me. It just goes to show how far-reaching and global God is. He is not just God in the US, but all around the world. An American friend recently joined me for church on Easter Sunday and was marked by how similar this small church in Khon Kaen is to her church back home in Pennsylvania. After a sermon, which is in Thai (I will normally go off with a few other westerners and listen to a sermon in English online), everyone will gather again for time in community, chatting over the delicious tropical fruit that Thailand has to offer. I have learned much about  how expansive God is with my time at this church with these Christians. Though I deeply miss my community and my Church in DC, I know when I am back home I will long for pieces of Covenant Church.