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Weather in the World

By Raman Mama

I'm a little more than halfway through my semester in London, and one of the things I have to admit has had a large impact on my time in the city has been the weather.

I'm not an individual who pays particularly close attention to the weather. I've always been under the impression that it's something I can't control, so why pay close attention to it? If it snows it snows, if it rains, it rains.

However, upon spending a couple months in London, I've come to understand how big of an impact the weather can have on your ability to get out and do stuff. London is notoriously rainy and grey. The people are warm, but the forecast usually means you're stuck inside. I love being able to get outside and see the world, which is something I've been used to in every single place I've gone to.

London is much further North than the US, so it gets extremely cold at times, additionally, it has just as long (if not longer) than some winters in the US.

Though being in London with such temperamental weather has been difficult at times, it's taught me to find other things to do to make use of time when I can't get outside, and enjoy the warm days. Who knew that being cold would make me more adaptable.