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Midterms… piece of cake?

By zamorse

Three words. That's all I really need to describe  what my next two weeks here in Israel are going to be like. That dreaded two-week, often a month long period of time in the middle of the semester is never much fun, but it Israel I can see that it is going to be a lot different than back at GW.

Usually I have multiple papers, exams, and projects all due in a hectic two-week period before spring break. And that's true to an extent here in Israel. I have a paper, two exams, a project, and a presentation all due before Passover break starts. Except the projects and presentations are easier and shorter than they would be at GW. Instead of a ten page paper, I have a 5 page paper. Instead of a 15 minute presentation, I have a 5 minute presentation. And instead of your typical blue-book midterm exams, I have a much easier skimmed down version.

Another huge difference between here and GW is the amount of time I have to study for my midterms. Instead of juggling a 20 hour a week internship and being president of a student organization in addition to five classes like I was last year, my classes here are only once a week seminars, and I'm not juggling extracurricular activities like I was at GW. That gives me much more time to get everything I need to get done, but also have lots of time to go to the beach and hang out with my friends.

Midterms here are not as stressful like they are at GW. But that's exactly what it should be like. The point of studying abroad is to study while abroad, obviously, but only a little bit.

The real learning is done outside the classroom.