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Almost khalas

By nharnish

My research has been progressing a lot better then I thought it would here. My ability to access primary documents through my job wsdfaith the USAID has been a remarkable tool in getting facts quickly and easily. While currently working on a donor conference in the nation, I’ve been able to reach out to people I’d never have access to otherwise. These documents and interviews have been remarkable influences in changing my opinions towards my research. For instance, I came into Jordan with negative views towards a particular project that the government is petitioning for.

This project, called the Dead to Red sea canal, would channel water from the Red sea through Aqaba all the way to the Dead Sea. Water would travel over 180 kilometers of downhill travel. The idea is to save the Dead see by adding water to it (every year the Dead Sea shrinks) and use the flowing water to generate energy and water throughout the south. A nuclear power plant would power a desalinization plant and provide clean drinking water for communities and agriculture. My original thoughts stemmed from prior research on a similar project in Egypt, called the Toshka project. The immense failure of the Toshka project led me to believe that Jordan would be unable to take on such a massive challenge. However, through my research I’ve found that the main reasons for the Toshka failures were aspects that the Jordanian government is meeting head on. For example, the Egyptian government fails to coordinate proper funding and prior research for their canal, and the Jordanian government seems bent on providing accurate research and coordinating with Israel to provide efficient funding. Steps like these, among others, could very well provide a successful solution to Jordan’s water question. My research paper is finally taking form, and my argument has changed significantly since landing in Amman. I strongly believe Jordan has the potential to save them from water scarcity. Yet, there are still many issues to tackle. While the Hashemite kingdom is working on many projects, I still argue they are still not doing the necessary things to progress their situation.

For now, I’m waiting on an official report from the Ministry of Water and Irrigation being published December 2 before wrapping up my paper. The report revolves around the Syrian crisis and how it as impacted water usage in the region. I currently have access to the report, but I cannot use its materials until the final draft is published. I’m very curios to see how the government will portray the situation.