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For the adrenaline junkies out there

By tinavisc

I’m finally in the last 3 weeks of my semester and have been contemplating all the adventure trips I’ve yet to check off my to-do list. Cape Town has so much to offer adrenaline junkies like myself, so I thought I might list a few things in writing to encourage me to knock a few off my bucket list:

1.Skydiving -on every single person’s bucket list on this planet. Cape Town offers the most beautiful fall from a plane in the world. The ride itself up into the sky boasts views of all Cape Town’s attractions, from Table Mountain to Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela spent 20 years imprisoned while battling the Apartheid regime), to the incomparable Atlantic coastline. A bird’s eye view of Cape Town coupled with the threat of impending doom is sure to set every adventurous soul ablaze.

2.Paragliding from Lion’s Head. Lion’s Head, one of Table Mountain’s peaks, offers a 360-degree view of splendor. Willing participants jump alongside trained professionals right off the side of one of the world’s most beautiful cliffs straight into bliss. Threats of 50-knot Cape winds don’t stop anybody from sailing over views of the South African horizon at sunset.

3.Shark Cage Diving. Sharks cluster around vulnerable humans wailing around in chummed water, stirring their appetites for human flesh. Until you look a great white shark in the eyes, you can’t die fulfilled.

4.Abseiling. Otherwise known as ‘repelling’ in the USA, Abseiling offers the thrill of one slim ling holding your body weight over the side of an entire mountain. If the threat of the drop doesn’t distract you too much, the sight of the beautiful geology and stunning city are enough to curb your adrenaline fix for another few months at least.