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By hfirlein

Hi blog readers! I am a senior at GW, spending the fall semester in Cape Town, South Africa with the Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE). I knew I wanted to come to Africa, and when I started looking for programs, CIEE immediately jumped out because of their curriculum flexibility (no specific class requirements) and their commitment to engagement in local communities. I narrowed down my options to Legon, Ghana, and Cape Town. The classes offered at the University of Cape Town fit better with my academic plans, and the social and economic problems associated with the aftermath of apartheid really intrigued me, so I decided on Cape Town!

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By ecirrincione

Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth Cione and I am currently spending the fall semester abroad in Amman, Jordan. I am participating in the Language and Culture program at CIEE, who hosts various programs all over the world. I have chosen to study abroad in Jordan specifically with CIEE for several reasons. I am majoring in Middle East studies at the Elliott school; therefore it is only fitting that I will be studying in the Middle East. There were several Middle Eastern countries offered, but I chose Jordan because it is an emerging Middle Eastern power that still holds true to its traditions and cultures. I was searching for a country that would welcome me as a foreigner, but would also have a lot to teach me about the rest of the world. Out of all of the programs, the Jordan program seemed to be the best match for me because of the focus on the language that was essential to learn. In addition to the language, the CIEE program focused strongly on providing a great cultural immersion, which was also very important to me.

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By tokyostyle101



I've had a lot of people ask me why I'm returning to Japan to study abroad. Is it really abroad when I hold citizenship to the country I'm studying in? Does it count? Will it be a true cultural experience?

I don't think I have the answer to any of these questions. Except for the question Why did I return to Japan.

I haven't lived here my whole life, but I've been here long enough to feel that it is as much of a home to me as America is. Although one problem is language...I speak colloquially but not fluently. I cannot express my personality as well in Japanese as I can in English and it has put up some barriers. I am never considered Japanese by Japanese people because I don't look it. I want to be able to function here as any citizen can so that A. I can surprise people by bustin' out my language skills and B. Because of the March 11th 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami in Northeastern Japan. (further referred to as 3.11) ...continue reading "We are all TOMODACHI"