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OPPA maintains services under two divisions – Division of Clinical Placements and Licensure (DCEL) and Division of Data Systems and Assessments (DDSA). Seven staff members support the work of OPPA working collaboratively as a team. Each section is led by an Assistant Director who also has an assistant. One full-time Senior Research Associate and a part-time Accreditation Specialist take leadership of the accountability and accreditation work. This accountability and accreditation support team works collaboratively with each division to collect data and information needed for the school’s reporting and accountability needs. All these OPPA services fall under the Office of the Dean within the Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

Although there are leaders of the different service functions within OPPA, the staff collaborates and works together on activities and projects that overlap. These related activities include accountability reports (i.e. Title II, PEDS, NCATE Part C, US News & World Reports for rating on-line programs and schools of education, accreditation reports & visits), licensure, clinical placements, supervision of teacher candidates, Taskstream program level and individual student data and assessments. Work study students assist with the work needs for each service area with preparation of materials for meetings, note transcriptions, organizational and data entry needs. Contact information for accessing resources and personnel who support the service, accreditation, and assessment systems functions are noted below:

OPPA Executive Director: Dr. Patricia Tate 202-994-1542 or, Administrative Oversight & Management of the following functions: 

Accreditation & Accountability Reporting Functions – CAEP/NCATE – Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation Programs/National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Accountability Reporting and Accreditation and other Federal and State accountability reports (i.e. Title II, CAEP Annual Report, Middle States, US News and World Report, Student Survey, Alumni Survey, Employer Survey) and facilitates university-wide Academic Program Review and Annual Assessment for all programs in the school. Contact: Keith KrempelAccreditation Specialist – 202-994-2410 or

Assessment System Functions – Orientation, training, and support for implementation of the Taskstream Data Management and Assessment System: a university-wide system that is a “customizable, electronic portfolio, assessment management and performance based instruction tool”. Interface with GWU and Taskstream entities for technical support and functions needed to implement and manage the system. Contact: Dr. Leslie WardAssistant Director, Division of Data Systems & Assessment Services – 202-994-4834 or and Ellen WanjiruTaskstream Coordinator – 202-994-0359 or

Licensure and Placement Functions – Certification & Licensure, Placement Liaison with DCPS, Virginia and Maryland School Districts, Support for Supervision of Teacher Candidates. Contact: Katina Lacey — Field Placement and Licensure Specialist/Executive Assistant - Division of Clinical Placements and Licensure – 202-994-6166 or

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