Bringing Student Experiences Abroad, Home to the Elliott School

Every year, Elliott School students travel the globe in search of international education, overseas internships and connections abroad — and of course, the thing that sets Elliott School students apart — real-life, in-the-field experiences. This past academic year was no exception. The submissions from the annual Elliott School Abroad photo competition were exceptional.

We received submissions from faraway locations including Brazil, Serbia, Norway, Chile, Uganda, and the Korean Demilitarized Zone. They depict breathtaking landscapes and stories of humanity, often focusing on visual portrayals of the international struggles Elliott School students have witnessed and hope to one day help to solve.

This year, due to the quality and variety of submissions, the Elliott School will hold an exhibition of the featured photography and host an opening reception on October 25, located in the Elliott School’s second floor atrium space. At the conclusion of the exhibit, the students will have the opportunity to take the prints home to hang as a reminder of their accomplishments and time abroad.


We are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Elliott School Abroad Photo Contest!


Honorable Mention:
Bellín submitted by Cole Falkner, B.A. ’20

Bellín submitted by Cole Falkner, B.A. '20

“In Puerto Natales, I walked into a woman’s shop. The walls were littered with handsewn sweaters, intricately crafted jewelry and a myriad of photographs all made by local artists or herself. We spoke about the art in the shop, and I bought some photos, then she let me take her photo. Her name was Bellín.”  





Honorable Mention:
The Saharan Situation submitted by Calla Gilson, B.A.’18

The Saharan Situation submitted by Calla Gilson, B.A.'18

“This photo was taken in the desert as each member of my study abroad cohort raised their unique color of the traditional dyed scarf of the region to billow in the breeze. The contrast of the colors against the Saharan sand reflects the vivid nature of my time in such a colorful country.”





Honorable Mention
Battling the Sea submitted by Yongbao Zhuang, B.A. 20

Battling the Sea submitted by Yongbao Zhuang, B.A. ’20

Aomori, Japan
This photo was shot on the coast of the Sea of Japan in the northeastern prefecture of Aomori, and depicts a local fisherman battling against the storm while fishing for clams and oysters. The Aomori Prefecture, along with Iwate and Miyagi prefecture, are located near the Japan Fishing Ground— one of the countries and is in decline due to overfishing 




3rd Place:
Machu Picchu Sunrise submitted by Lauren Bell, B.A.’19

Machu Picchu Sunrise submitted by Lauren Bell, B.A.'19

After a 
four-day trek through the Inca Jungle, the group I was with hiked up to Machu Picchu around 5 in the morning. When we arrived at the top the sun was rising above the foggy mountains and there were more alpacas and people. It was a new, beautiful world for me. 







2nd Place:
الشاي مع الأصدقاء (Tea with friends) submitted by Shannon McKeown, B.A.’19

الشاي مع الأصدقاء (Tea with friends) submitted by Shannon McKeown, B.A.'19Wadi Rum desert, Wadi Rum Village, Jordan
This picture was taken in a traditional Bedouin tent in Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. Tea is an important part of Jordanian culture as it facilitates social interactions and a sense of community.







1st Place:
Joy submitted by Chinwe Weli,  M.A.’18

Joy submitted by Chinwe Weli,  M.A.'18

Meherpur, Bangladesh 
This photo was shot at a local school in the Meherpur district in Bangladesh. The female students are captured laughing excitedly after answering a question in class. Their school recently received a multimedia classroom from Save the Children as the government works to introduce innovative solutions to the primary education system. 




Thank you to everyone who submitted photos. It truly was the most impressive group the Elliott School has ever received. And don’t forget to capture your experiences this year! We hope to see everyone at the exhibit’s opening reception on October 25, 2018.

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  1. Superb! What an amazing set of photos epitomizing flavor, color, and culture: the brilliant fabric of humanity

  2. This photo contest is one of the most inspiring I have ever seen and I believe every student applying at GW, and especially in this major, should have opportunity to see it.

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