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Staff Duties

Laboratory Equipment Maintenance Staff Duties

The laboratories are supported by a Manager, a Senior Technician, a Computer Applications Specialist, and Laboratory Technicians. All members of the staff are official employees of The George Washington University. This staff provides "on demand" service to faculty and students 68 hours a week.

The staff supports laboratory sections and is responsible for an instrument and computer inventory. In a typical semester, the staff will research, purchase, bag, tag, and sort new electronic components into parts kits used in laboratory hardware courses. They will also manufacture printed circuit boards for student projects.

All instrumentation is calibrated to original specifications at least once a year by the staff. Any instrumentation or computer equipment that fails within its warranty period is returned to the original manufacturer for repairs, the rest is repaired by the technicians on the staff.

The staff's duties are to calibrate, maintain, and repair test equipment and computers located in the ECE Laboratories. If you encounter or suspect that a particular piece of test equipment, or computer, or a computer's software is malfunctioning please contact the staff in SEH 5450 immediately or report an issue using the online form.

The staff will

  • check out all reported problems with the laboratory test equipment.
  • demonstrate the proper and safe use of the laboratory test equipment.
  • check out all reported problems with any laboratory computer.
  • demonstrate the proper and safe use of the laboratory computers.
  • check out all reported problems with the our laboratory software.
  • demonstrate the proper use of the laboratory software.
  • refer you to your laboratory instructor for further instruction on how to program or use the laboratory software.

The staff will not

  • provide you with any office supplies such as staplers, scissors, tape, pens or paper.
  • provide you with unscheduled laboratory access time.
  • provide you with calculators, text books, or any other personal property.
  • lend you their books, notes, tools, computers or test equipment.
  • troubleshoot or debug your circuits or computer programs for you.
  • do your homework or lab assignment for you.