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Tutorials, Labs, Projects & Spec Sheet Page

The experiments will be posted here 1 week before each lab, along with any tutorials needed to complete the pre-laboratory work.  The pre-laboratory work is within the experiment document itself, you are expected to download and complete the prelab prior to attending lab.

Lab Report Formats

Click HERE for the required format for all laboratory reports



Midterm Project:  Midterm Project: DC Power Supply
Final Project:  iPod Docking Station


Lab Equipment

Agilent E3631A  DC Power Supply
Keithley 175 Digital Multimeter (DMM)
Agilent DSO1024A Digital Oscilloscope
Agilent 33522A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
UFI 2122 BioAmplifier
BioAmplifier - for Biomed Lab

Equipment manuals posted on the ECE Labs' website.


1N34A Diode: Germanium Based
1N4002 Diode: Silicon Based
1N751A Diode: Zener Type
MV5753 Diode: LED - GaAsP
166K18 Transformer: 115VRMS:18VRMS
KC004N-ND Thermistor (Thermal Resistor)
LM7805CT +5V Silicon Voltage Regulator
2N3904 NPN BJT Transistor
TIP31A NPN BJT Power Transistor (Spice Models: pwrbjt.olb    pwrbjt.lib)
2N7000  N-Channel MOSFET Transistor (Spice Models:fairchild.olb  fairchild.lib)

*** Disclaimer: The spec sheets posted may not match the parts in your kit, they change from year to year.  It is up to you to verify that they match the parts supplied in your kit before relying on them.  These are posted here as a courtesy.

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