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The organizing committee of the 3rd annual DC Consortium Student Conference on Evaluation and Policy is pleased to announce the 2019 theme of "Building Capacity to Address Social Justice: The Role of Evaluation and Policy." The evaluation and policy communities have an important role in bridging the social justice divide. As these communities evolve and social norms change, do we need to re-evaluate traditional views of capacity building to address social justice and equity? Evaluation and policy can (and should) be used to bring social justice issues, disparities, and other social problems to light. This theme would focus on how various types of capacity building methods can be used to address the inequities highlighted by evaluation and policy.

An initiative that took formal shape in 2016, the DC Consortium Student Conference on Evaluation and Policy (SCEP) is a collaboration of universities in the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia and Maryland regions, representing the interests of students aspiring to be evaluators and policymakers. Inspired by the Edward F. Kelly Evaluation Conference that has taken place in southern Canada and upstate New York (between U Ottawa, U Toronto, Queen’s U, Cornell U, SUNY Binghamton, Syracuse U to name a few), this collaboration provides students with a platform to present their research and interact with evaluation experts in the opportunity-rich region of Washington, D.C. This conference serves as a bridge between students, academia and other evaluation and policy agencies/organizations.


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