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CCAS Strategic Initiative and Research (SIR) Workshop Series

This CAN event took place on November 20, 2014

CCAS Strategic Initiative and Research (SIR) Workshop Series

Building a high quality online or hybrid program


The CCAS Strategic Initiative and Research (SIR) Workshop Series is aimed at promoting innovative thinking towards our strategic initiatives. Each workshop will feature a guest lecturer, or a team of panel discussion, or ahands-on activity on a given topic. Our hope is to explore ways to demystify various processes involving online education and other initiatives, to build up a community of colleagues with similar interests, to share best practices, and to encourage out of box ideas with potential for transformative changes.


Paul Berman, Vice Provost for Online Education and Academic Innovation


Long gone are the days when online education meant a grainy video of a classroom lecture and a series of multiple choice questions. Today, online education deploys state-of-the-art technology and the latest pedagogical research to provide professors with the ability to create engaging, highly interactive courses with low student/faculty ratios that are potentially as good as (or in some cases better than) the on-campus version. GW has recently created an eDesign Shop to match professors with a team of instructional designers, videographers, animation specialists, and other
support in building top-quality online courses. In addition, we also have the capability to build real-time online seminar-style conversations where professors and students can see and talk with one another (with no back rows to hide in!). Finally, the University is deploying an approach to proctoring online exams that addresses concerns about academic integrity online.

This presentation provides examples of online course elements and discusses the philosophy underlying online pedagogy as well as the ways in which the University can help professors build  online or hybrid graduate programs.


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