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Funding Opportunities

White Paper Solicitations

Deadlines: early July, noted in each solicitation below

Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) is soliciting white papers in the areas of Computer-Aided Design and Test (CADT), Logic and Memory Devices (LMD), AI Hardware (AIHW), Packaging (PKG) and Packaging "CHIRP" (PKG CHIRP).  Each researcher may be involved in no more than two submissions per call. A selected white paper will result in an invitation to submit a full proposal for further consideration for a research contract.

The white paper solicitations, needs documents, and instructions for submissions can be found at:

Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems Initiative: Investigator Award

Deadline: July 26, 2019, 5:00pm PDT
Award: $1.9M over 5 years
The EPiQS experimental investigator awards support U.S. experts in experimental studies of quantum materials to pursue discovery of new emergent electronic and magnetic phenomena in materials, elucidate the origin of previously known emergent phenomena, develop new experimental techniques for probing quantum materials, or significantly improve the performance of the existing techniques.Tenured, tenure-track, and research faculty at U.S. academic institutions are eligible to apply.

Full Call for Proposal Details

Contact: Susan Boerstling, Executive Director, Foundation Relations,

Building Evidence on Access to Early Care
and Education Access for Low-Income Families

Deadline: July 25, 2019 (Brief Proposal)
Award: approx. 10 awards of $50,000 to $500,000
The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support action-oriented research that advances health equity, builds the knowledge base, and informs policymaking to increase access to early care and education (ECE) for low-income families.
Contact: Sarah Katz, Associate Director, Foundation Relations,

*This is a GW Priority Foundation. Please visit the Priority Foundations and Corporations page to view more information on the process for applying to GW priority corporations and foundations.

Healthy Eating Research

Deadline: July 31, 2019  (Concept Paper)
Award: Up to $320,000 over 2 yearsThe Health Eating Research program aims to provide advocates, decision-makers, and policymakers with the evidence needed to address the key social determinants of health and inequalities that underlie poor dietary patterns and related health consequences.
Contact: Sarah Katz, Associate Director, Foundation Relations,


*This is a GW Priority Foundation. Please visit the Priority Foundations and Corporations page to view more information on the process for applying to GW priority corporations and foundations.


RCR Workshop: Conflicts of Interest in Research

Date/Time: Thurs, June 27, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
Location: Marvin Center, Room 311
Ray Lucas, M.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Health Affairs
School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Paul Ndebele, Ph.D.
Senior Research Regulatory Specialist
Milken Institute of Public Health



The Office of Research Integrity is hosting a Responsible Conduct of Research session on Conflicts of Interest (COI) in Research. We are excited to have our colleagues discuss COI in biomedical and social/behavioral research, current topics in university research COI, and recommendations to improve the review of COI matters at GW.

Anyone engaging in research or scholarly activity at GW including, under- and graduate students, administrative staff, researchers, postdocs and faculty, is encouraged to attend.

Updates from NSF

Beginning with the next iteration of the Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) (anticipated effective date, January 2020), NSF will only accept PDFs for biographical sketches that are generated through use of an NSF-approved format. A draft version of the PAPPG was published in the Federal Register for public comment. The deadline for submission of comments is COB July 29, 2019.

NSF has designated the National Institutes of Health’s SciENcv (Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae) as an NSF-approved format for submission of biographical sketch(es) and is encouraging its use to prepare a biographical sketch for inclusion in proposals to NSF.

Multiple training resources are available on the SviENcv website.

We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues. Direct any IT system-related questions to the NSF Help Desk at 1-800-381-1532 or Policy-related questions should be directed to


Dear Colleagues,

When I received a crystal apple at the GW Faculty Honors Ceremony in 2017, I realized I had been here for 25 years, and now even longer. This has been an incredible part of my career and life, especially the past five years when I had the opportunity to work with you in enhancing our research and in seeking opportunities in strategic initiatives. I am deeply grateful for the kind of advice, collegiality, help, and support from you all that has helped me to sail through this part of the journey of my life.

With mixed feelings of gratitude and sadness, I want to inform you of my plan to leave GW to pursue an opportunity at CUNY Queens College, where I will be Associate Provost for Research and International Programs. CCAS leadership has already identified an excellent replacement for me in the Dean's Office, and I will assist as needed throughout the transition.  I am sure this will lead to continued success in the research and academic enterprise at CCAS.

Let me share with you a little farewell message dedicated to you.  It is based on the Spanish song La Paloma and was shared with colleagues in the dean's office at a farewell event in honor of the four Associate/Vice Deans who are stepping down. You can laugh at me, but please don't cry.


La Paloma
– Dedicated to my Colleagues and Friends
YR, June 2019

Warm summer sun, shine kindly here,
Warm southern wind, blow softly here.
At Foggy Bottom we share our hearts,
as some of us will come to part.

Then you’ll find a dove, waiting at your window,
Singing a song through the window.
Let it come in and fly around you,
Its-heart-is mine as it-sings I love you 

Please don't cry when I step down today,
For Juliana 'n SRA team will make your day.
From Multi-School-Routing to O-VPR, from PI dashboard to CFR.
From Award set up to closing out, PI Effort Reports and we know how.
5 day rule 'n last min rescue u,
and a white dove with greetings from me to you

Please don't cry when I step down today,
You'll love your new ADR right away.
Faculty CAN / WoW- Taaalk, Res Update w Kristin's Support.
CCFF / Dean’s Research Chair, Res Blog will stay right here.
Strategic initiatives w ideas from you,
and a white-dove-with-greetings from me to you

Don't cry when-four-of-us-are stepping-down today,
Dean Wahlbeck will-lead-us-higher day after day.
From grad enrollment to diversity,
From 5 year plan to civility.
Baseball game and APR Review,
and a white dove with greetings from me to you.

Don't cry when-four-of-us-are stepping-down today,
We’ll have new Asso/Vice-Deans before it’s late.
From Freshmen Seminar to Ly-te-rati,
From GTA support to Roooound Robin.
Contract renew and sabbatical due,
and a white dove with greetings from me to you.

Don't cry when-four-of-us-are stepping-down today
Look at our very best who are here to stay.
Kim 'n Evie, Taoran 'n Cindy
Denise 'n  Cara, Max 'n Mafona
You'n you'n all of you
and a white dove with greetings from me to you
And a white dove with greetings from me to you!

Background of La Paloma: La Paloma was composed by a Spanish composer Sebastian Iradier after he visited Cuba in 1861, two years before he died in obscurity. He never knew how popular his song would become worldwide and in diverse cultures during the last 150 years. In Zanzibar "La Paloma" is played at the end of weddings, in Romania at the end of funerals, in Mexico as a protest song, and in Germany as a sailor’s lament, in some countries it is a quasi-folk song. In USA Elvis Plesley sang "La Paloma" (No More).

The motif of "La Paloma" (the dove) can be traced back to an episode that occurred in 492 BC, when a Persian fleet was caught in a storm off the shore of Mount Athos and wrecked. Greeks observed white doves escaping from the sinking Persian ships, a time when the white dove had not yet been seen in Europe. This inspired the notion that such birds bring home a final message of love from a sailor who is lost at sea.

This theme that a final link of love overcomes death and separation is reflected in "La Paloma". While the lyrics may not always be true to the original, the soul of the song seems to survive all attempts to recast it in whatever new form and shape there may be and is able to express the tension between separation with loneliness, even death, and love.

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