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The Collaboration and Multidisciplinary Team Science module of the CTSI-CN announces: The WINTER 2018 Voucher Award Program




Multiple awards up to $8K each are available for research projects that utilize CTSI-CN services and/or institutional cores that provide an invoice for services.  Projects should be innovative, high impact, and MUST be "shovel-ready" as funding expires 4 months after the start date.

Voucher awards are NOT limited to traditional bench or clinical research. Submissions relevant to ALL types of research (including community based research, public health research, or research aimed at special or underserved populations, orphan diseases, or enhancing clinical trial recruitment) are strongly encouraged.

Faculty at all levels are eligible. Faculty are eligible for 1 funded voucher every 12 months-if you received a voucher within the past year, you are NOT eligible for this round.

Funds may be used for services, supplies and participant incentives. Funds may NOT be used for consultants, salaries, student stipends, travel, publication fees, or computer hardware. If you have questions about the budget, please send it to for review prior to the application deadline.

Applications are limited to 2 pages (Ariel, 11 point font).  If needed, IRB or IACUC approval must be present at the time of application.   Applications should include:

  1. Title
  2. Abbreviated budget
  3. Timeline
  4. Brief description of the project in NIH format (intro, significance, innovation, aim(s), research plan).

Applications that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be reviewed.

If the project will utilize CTSI-CN services, please provide an appropriate budget, utilizing the pricing as provided by your service provider.   CTSI-CN provides a number of services for investigators:

  1. Biomedical Informatics: Strategies for research database design, data management (REDCap, OpenClinica), access to high performance computing, and access to MedDRA.
  2. Clinical Research Support: Nursing support, laboratory processing and shipping, bionutrition, neuropsychological evaluation, exam rooms, and other support for clinical and translational research projects.
  3. Community Engaged Research/Health Policy: Comparative effective research design, strategies to develop or impact related regulatory or health policies, and integrating patient and community engagement into research design process.
  4. Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design: Biostatistical support, epidemiology, and/or study design for translational projects from basic research to clinical implementation and public health.
  5. Innovation Services: Proteomics/genomics and high content data analysis (sequencing/arrays etc), device development (3D printing, design, prototyping), and imaging (MRI, CT, US, and other modalities).
  6. Regulatory Knowledge/IRB Support: Sponsor- and FDA-required regulatory submissions, preparation of IRB applications using the IRBear system, Participant Advocacy program, consultation on GCP guidelines, and Human Subject Protection training.

For more information and access to these services go to
To apply, go to: 

Application deadline:  January 15, 2018

Questions about this RFA may be addressed to:

Sean D. Cleary
Susan Knoblach

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