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CCAS Proposal Sharing System

In our continued effort to support research and scholarship, we would like to create a CCAS Proposal Sharing System to allow faculty to share grant proposals and fellowship applications with their colleagues. We hope this will help to demystify the process for certain grant applications, better enabling our faculty to be more successful in their grant proposals / fellowship applications.
Please note that sample proposals for some funding agencies are already available on their websites. We have collected some of such Sample Proposals by Funding Agencies on our new CCAS research blog. In addition, many colleagues routinely share their proposals with colleagues.  However, our new system will provide additional model proposals that may not be readily available from funding agencies or colleagues around you.
The steps for contributing / requesting proposals are as follows.
  1. The dean’s office will invite faculty volunteers to share their successful proposals.

  2. The ADR (Associate Dean for Research) will collect the proposals from Each colleague who contributes (referred to as “Contributors” here after) can redact their proposal to remove sensitive information, or have dean’s office assist with this. The redacted copy will be password protected so that it can be viewed, but no text or image can be copied electronically.

  3. Any CCAS colleague who requests (referred to as “Requester” here after) a proposal can submit their information via our CCAS Sample Proposal Requesting Form.

  4. The ADR will inform the Contributor with the name of the Requester before releasing the proposal.

  5. The Contributor may request for a copy of the final proposal from the Requester before submission.  This will help prevent plagiarism and allow the Requester to receive valuable comments from the Contributor.

  6. Other components of this system may include various pieces of the proposal, e.g. Postdoc Mentoring Plan.  Those samples can be deposited in a Google drive shared with all CCAS faculty.

To contribute your proposal(s), simply email pdf files to We will then work with you to redact your proposal and set the security protection. If we receive a request for which your proposal is a fit, we will inform you before sharing it with the Requester. You can report your contribution in your Faculty Annual Report
To request a sample proposal, please enter the webform CCAS Sample Proposal Requesting Form.  We will then communicate with the potential Contributor(s) before sending you a pdf file of the sample.


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