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The MECCA Group LLC (1112 16th Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC  20036; 202-529-3117)

Position Opening: One to One Behavior Intervention Specialist

Job Description: One to One Behavior Intervention Specialists provide trauma informed one to one behavior intervention for children and adolescents with behavioral, emotional, and/or developmental delays who are at high-risk for repeated psychiatric hospitalization and placement disruption. The goal of the intervention is to reduce behavioral challenges, maintain safety, and stabilize youth to reduce placement disruption and improve prosocial behaviors.


  1. Direct supervision to ensure child and youth’s physical safety
  2. Observe and redirect inappropriate behaviors
  3. Implement de-escalation techniques and other services as recommended by a mental health practitioner or professional
  4. Assist child or youth in utilization of pro-social skills and appropriate behaviors to increase adaptive functioning in the community
  5. Model appropriate and specific intervention techniques specific to the child and or youth being served.
  6. Participate in team meetings as required.
  7. Attend court ordered court proceedings as required.
  8. Develop effective working relationships with the individuals receiving services, the responsible party and their families, and other service providers while maintaining professional boundaries.
  9. Engage in respectful, open communication with the individuals receiving services, the responsible party and other family and team members to promote consistent, quality care.
  10. Promote team work and collaboration within the behavioral and mental health team working with the client.
  11. Complete written progress notes as required, using quantitative and qualitative data.
  12. Report any suspected maltreatment of suspected abuse or neglect consistent with maltreatment reporting laws.

Other Responsibilities:

  1. Submission of timely documentation and invoices to administration
  2. Attend bi-monthly supervision meetings
  3. Participate in mandatory HIPPA and Ethics training as required.
  4. Arriving on time for and completing shift as assigned
  5. Maintaining communication with supervisors


  1. Bachelor’s degree in education, psychology, social work, counseling, or other related field.
  2. At least one-year experience working with children and youth with emotional, behavioral, psychiatric, and/or intellectual disabilities.
  3. TACT-2 or other crisis intervention certification
  4. FBI clearance
  5. Child Protection Registry clearance
  6. Local police background check from jurisdictions of residence within the past 5 years

Salary: $17 - $20 per hour (based upon education and experience)

Interested parties should email a resume and three references to Dr. Keisha Mack at


Starts May 2018 (one-year commitment) - B.A. or B.S. preferred

The George Washington University, Department of Psychology, The Meltzer Center:  Psychological and Community-based Services

Intern Job Description

The Meltzer Center at the George Washington University is part of the Department of Psychology and provides psychological services to individuals in the metropolitan DC community.  The Meltzer Center offers a full range of services for adults, children, and adolescents, including individual, couples, and group therapy and psychological testing, while also serving to provide training to graduate students in the clinical Ph.D. program.

The Meltzer internship position is a volunteer position given to a BA level student or an advanced undergraduate who is interested in gaining exposure to clinical work and the daily operation of a student-run community mental health center.  This opportunity is ideal for someone who is interested in gaining experience in clinical or counseling psychology.  Interns complete a range of administrative tasks to support the center and are given the opportunity to attend seminars and trainings with graduate students, and observe diagnostic interviews and therapy sessions on occasion.


  • Conduct phone screenings with potential clients
  • Manage online client records and client database
  • Work with data to track therapy and assessment outcomes
  • Help with general clinic operations
  • Participate in outreach events for the Center
  • Assist in ongoing projects


  • Complete basic HIPAA and DC mandated reporter training
  • Agree to a 16-hour minimum a week schedule
  • Meet weekly with director for supervision
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Able to provide 2 references
  • May start date to continue through spring of 2019

If interested, please email a letter of interest and resume to Risa Broudy, Ph.D., Director Meltzer Center by April 1, 2018.


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