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Internship at the Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Institute (ANDI)

We are looking for responsible and committed students to assist with research at the ANDI. Student interns can request to receive course credit for interning !
Join our research team and gain hands-on experience with Autism research, in particular with organizing and conducting behavioral and neuroscientific experiments. Student interns will increase their familiarity with individuals with autism, as well as neuroscientific methods, including EEG and fMRI. Weekly hours are flexible.
Applicants must:
- Be able to commit for the duration of a semester
- Have good oral and written communication skills
- Has basic knowledge on research methods
Prior experience with programming/data analysis, conducting research,
or working with children with special needs is welcome but not
required. Please submit a resume and cover letter to the address below.
Contact: Callie Stezar at

We are seeking 2-3 research assistants to work on studies exploring the processes by which humans perceive and mentally represent spatial relationships in the world around them. Research assistants can earn 1-3 hours of credit toward the psychology major under the auspices of the course Psychology 3591. To earn 3 credits we ask that students work 4 hours per week on the project. The work can involve running subjects or higher-level activities such as writing computer code and performing data analysis. We also ask that students attend lab meetings 1-2 times per month. Please contact Dr. Stephen Dopkins ( if you are interested or have questions about any of this.