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The MECCA Group LLC (1112 16th Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC  20036; 202-529-3117)

Position Opening: One to One Behavior Intervention Specialist

Job Description: One to One Behavior Intervention Specialists provide trauma informed one to one behavior intervention for children and adolescents with behavioral, emotional, and/or developmental delays who are at high-risk for repeated psychiatric hospitalization and placement disruption. The goal of the intervention is to reduce behavioral challenges, maintain safety, and stabilize youth to reduce placement disruption and improve prosocial behaviors.


  1. Direct supervision to ensure child and youth’s physical safety
  2. Observe and redirect inappropriate behaviors
  3. Implement de-escalation techniques and other services as recommended by a mental health practitioner or professional
  4. Assist child or youth in utilization of pro-social skills and appropriate behaviors to increase adaptive functioning in the community
  5. Model appropriate and specific intervention techniques specific to the child and or youth being served.
  6. Participate in team meetings as required.
  7. Attend court ordered court proceedings as required.
  8. Develop effective working relationships with the individuals receiving services, the responsible party and their families, and other service providers while maintaining professional boundaries.
  9. Engage in respectful, open communication with the individuals receiving services, the responsible party and other family and team members to promote consistent, quality care.
  10. Promote team work and collaboration within the behavioral and mental health team working with the client.
  11. Complete written progress notes as required, using quantitative and qualitative data.
  12. Report any suspected maltreatment of suspected abuse or neglect consistent with maltreatment reporting laws.

Other Responsibilities:

  1. Submission of timely documentation and invoices to administration
  2. Attend bi-monthly supervision meetings
  3. Participate in mandatory HIPPA and Ethics training as required.
  4. Arriving on time for and completing shift as assigned
  5. Maintaining communication with supervisors


  1. Bachelor’s degree in education, psychology, social work, counseling, or other related field.
  2. At least one-year experience working with children and youth with emotional, behavioral, psychiatric, and/or intellectual disabilities.
  3. TACT-2 or other crisis intervention certification
  4. FBI clearance
  5. Child Protection Registry clearance
  6. Local police background check from jurisdictions of residence within the past 5 years

Salary: $17 - $20 per hour (based upon education and experience)

Interested parties should email a resume and three references to Dr. Keisha Mack at


MENTAL HEALTH INTERN (part-time, can be done remotely)

iOpening Enterprises seeks innovative undergraduate or graduate school level intern for summer 2018 to support development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative mental health education projects. Specifically, projects include developing supplemental material and mobile application content for the Bridge Trauma-Informed Culturally-Responsive (TICR) Program, planning the inaugural Wellness Innovation and Arts Festival that provides mental health education for college students, researching and developing content for program evaluation, supporting development of comedic mental health education podcast, and developing and disseminating digital mental health education content to audiences working with youth in multiple child serving systems.

The internship involves working directly with Dr. Isaiah Pickens and developing marketable skills for the mental health field including learning how to train and develop evidence-informed trainings for multi-sector professionals, learning best practices for strategically planning with organizations to design mental health-informed professional environments, and a host of other skills important for traditional mental health careers or consulting focused careers. Professional development opportunities include:

 Learning Bridge TICR Program curriculum.
 Participation in program evaluation with the potential of participation in publication.
 Potential opportunities to participate in paid trainings.
 Coaching for providing trainings and keynote presentations.
 Consultation on mental health business development.
Intern will support:
 Development of supplemental professional development content.
 Ongoing research for updating professional development content.
 Outreach to schools and interested education based sites.
 Identify online content relevant to target audience and share in various digital formats.
 Engaging online communities in education related content.
 Research and development for wellness podcast and other online content.
 Planning of inaugural wellness innovation and arts festival.
 Translate important research studies into entertaining/intriguing stories.
Intern should be:
 Detail oriented.
 Able to work independently.
 Interested in innovative approaches to mental wellness.
 Familiar with social science research

The intern will be expected to work 12-15 hours a week. Intern will work primarily remotely and has the option to connect via video conferencing for minimum one face-to-face meeting a week. The start date is flexible based on intern’s summer schedule. Internship is 10 weeks from start date. A stipend totaling $1000 will be provided to the intern. For questions or to submit resume and cover letter, contact or call 347.676.0901. Resume and cover letter should be submitted no later than May 15, 2018.

The Petey Greene Program, a nonprofit that recruits, trains, and places volunteers student from Howard in tutoring positions in prisons and jails, is looking for tutors for the Summer and 2018-2019 school year! We are looking for undergraduate and graduate student volunteers to tutor GED students once weekly in one of 5 Maryland correctional facilities. If interested, complete our brief application or send an email to to talk about how to get involved!


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