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Are You Biased? The Antecedents and Consequences of Racial Bias Awareness

Research Talk by: Dr. Sylvia Perry
Department of Psychology, Northwestern University
Friday, March 2nd @ 11:00 GWU Marvin Center 402-404

As the United States becomes more racially diverse, it is increasingly important to understand how this growing diversity differentially impacts racial majority and minority members’ self, interpersonal, and intergroup perceptions and experiences. In the talk I will present research that extends previous work by introducing an individual difference measure of Whites’ racial bias awareness. Across a series of studies, I demonstrate how individual differences in bias awareness relate to Whites’ (1) reactions to evidence of personal racial bias, (2) perceptions of others’ subtly biased behaviors, and (3) attitudes and behaviors toward racial minorities. I will discuss the implications of this work for intergroup relations, broadly, as well as for cross-race doctor-patient interactions, in particular. I will end by reviewing my current and future research directions that include plans to investigate the development of bias awareness, how people perceive individuals who are willing to admit (versus deny) their racial bias, and the impact of racially hostile medical school environments on Black medical students.

**Talk is part of Dean’s Lecture Series sponsored by Department of Psychology and CCAS**

Priya Mehta, CCAS Psychology BA ’12, SMHS MD ’16, and Andrew Vasko, SEAS BS ’13, MS ’15, shared their story about finding love at GW  (Originally published 2/21/18 in GW Alumni News: )
Priya and Andrew engagement shoot
Photo credit: Steven and Lily Photography

My fiancé, Andrew Vasko, and I met 8 years ago at GW. We were both freshman living in Lafayette Hall; I was on the 8th floor and he was on the 7th.

We loved exploring DC together, taking long walks from Foggy Bottom all the way to the Capital, and visiting the monuments and museums.

We would frequently eat out, and being so close to so many amazing restaurants definitely helped shape us into the foodies we are today.

Volunteering together was another big part of what brought us together as friends and as a couple. Our favorite experience was an Alternative Breaks trip to New Orleans our sophomore year, where we helped build homes with Habitat for Humanity.

After our undergraduate studies, we both stayed at GW. I graduated from GW Medical School in 2016 and Andrew completed his Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering in 2015.

We now live in Philadelphia together. I am a pediatric resident at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and Andrew is a civil engineer at Schnabel Engineering. We love having a new city to explore, but continue to hold onto our many years of fond memories in DC and at GW.

We are excited to be getting married this May in Tysons Corner, VA, right outside the city where it all began.

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