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Hooray for the Class of 2020! We wish all of our majors the best of luck as they embark on their next steps. We are disappointed that we will not able to give our well wishes in person, but know that we are very proud of you. Please keep in touch and come back to visit us as alumni! Congratulations to all!! To see the CCAS celebration livestream at 12pm on Saturday, 5/16 at 12 noon go to:
We present to you our amazing BA and BS graduates:
Psychology (B.A.):
Adler, Jillian
Alathari, Noor
Anderberg, Greg
Anderson, James
Ashwal, Yasmine
Baker, Melissa
Bartlett, Catherine
Berman, David
Blickman, Alexis
Brand, Bailey
Braun, Melanie
Brenner, Noam
Brockton, Jackson
Brown, Tanyon
Carroll, Alexandra
Castallian, Daniel
Catalan, Linda
Centofanti, Giuliana
Chen, Xiaocun
Cheng, Ashley
Chepenik, Abagail
Cinicolo , Alexander
Cohen Lawson, Eli
Connolly, Matteo
Crosby, Elizabeth
Daniello, Sydney
Davidson, Maxwell
Davis, Skyla
Della Barba, Kathryn
Dematteo, Joseph
Diamond, Jared
Dias, Olivia
Dong, Yixuan
Dubell, Skyler
Duranti, Trevor
Fendrick, Michaela
Fezza, Jacqueline
Frost, Nicole
Garcia, Armando
Gerard, Raquel
Golden, Matthew
Graham , Hunter
Grant, Caden
Guevara, Ruby
Hampton, Taylor
Hazan, Inbar
Itani, Nadia
Jeong, Yujin
Joynes, Christian
Kakar, Tishya
Kapoor, Aarushi
Kato, Ana
Kats, Alexandra
Khan, Rabila
Kusu, Risako
Kwon, Sujin
Larkins, Mckinnzey
Leiter, Noa
Linquist, Jessica
Liu, Jennifer
Lopez, Nisani
Manos, Zoe
Martinez Rodriguez, Alejandro
Mead, Tiara
Meyer, Stephen
Mohamed Elmandouh, Engy
Mohanty, Anindita
Mohebban, Samuel
Montalbano, Victoria
Morris, Marilyn
Mudaser, Fizza
Murdock, Hana
Narang, Sonali
Nelson, Mariel
Niu, Tong
Omar, Zeina
Overcash, Sarah
Parnow, Kathleen
Peacher-Ryan, Anna
Pierce, Anne
Polansky, Emily
Purkayastha, Jaisree
Quintanilla, Gabriela
Riant, Isobel
Riley, Arabella
Roizman, Jasmine
Rojo, Nicole
Roukbi, Mina
Runyon, Samantha
Salami, Faisha
Sasser, Lucas
Schapiro, Stevie
Schottland, Seraina
Schulman, Sydney
Siff, Lindsey
Simon, Rachel
Singh, Michelle
Steffen, Emma
Steinberg, Sabrina
Stewart, Hailey
Tolar, Baileigh
Wang, Joyce
Warmflash, Mira
Watson , Shannelle
Weitzman, Leora
Yoruk, Muhammed
Young, Brooks
Zack, James
Zbehlik, Laura
Cognitive Neuroscience (B.S.):
Abuelhawa, Azhar
Davidson, Maxwell
Johnston, Elena
Milner, Miranda
Shamma, Ahmed
Zbehlik, Laura
Neuroscience (B.S.):
Achar, Abhilasha
Al-fardan, Ahmed
Amatya, Bibhas
Back, Dylan
Bogolawski, Catherine
Connor, Sean
Gaynor, Charlotte
Gritz, Samuel
Iarocci, Gabrielle
Jesko, Emily
Khurana, Ambika
Losee, Yasemin
Lubin, Noah
Newman, Daniel
Ouwerkerk, Angelina
Oykhman, Efim
Parpounas, Alexandra
Rahman, Mohammad
Salami, Faisha
Valdez, Izabella
Vollmer, Emma

Dr. Mary Beth Janke, Adjunct Professor in the Department of Psychology and Brain Sciences, has released a new memoir, The Protector: A Woman’s Journey from the Secret Service to Guarding VIPs and Working in Some of the World’s Most Dangerous Places. This book, released now in e-book format, is based on her own experiences as a US Secret Service Agent. 

Janke book cover, The Protector

IN 2003, WHEN THE U.S. Embassy in Colombia needed a female protection agent who was fluent in Spanish, was a former federal law enforcement agent and had extensive international experience to co-lead a team protecting top Colombian officials including the president, they called Mary Beth Wilkas. At the time, Colombia was nicknamed “the kidnap capital of the world.”  Its government was in the throes of a bloody war with guerilla and terrorist groups. Three Americans had just been kidnapped and the State Department had issued an alarming Level 3 (Orange) Travel Advisory.

To Mary Beth, this was a dream job.

In her debut memoir, The Protector: A Woman’s Journey From the Secret Service to Guarding VIPs and Working in Some of the World’s Most Dangerous Places, Dr. Mary Beth Wilkas Janke—a former US Secret Service Agent who is now a forensic and clinical psychologist—recounts her extraordinary journey as one of a tiny minority of women (9%) in the Secret Service in the early 1990s, and one of the few female VIP protection agents. Females are so rare in this field, and one with Mary Beth’s skill set has earned her the moniker, “unicorn.”

Mary Beth was also the first and only female instructor in the history of the State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) program. Trained to observe astutely, fight in life-or-death circumstances, use weapons and execute high-speed maneuvers in vehicles, she has worked undercover, sized up foreign generals for trustworthiness, had a bounty placed on her head, and kept a watchful eye on drugged-up thugs on the streets of countries such as Haiti, Peru, and Colombia.  High-profile individuals she has protected include members of the Versace family, Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and the grandchildren of President George H. W. Bush.

In a relatable tone laced with humor and wit, The Protector delivers a satisfying, up-close and personal look at these events—as well as valuable insights into the level-headedness, self-confidence, and mental and physical toughness it took for Mary Beth to not only win at this game no one expected her to play—but to kick ass.  Not taken seriously because she’s a woman?  Mary Beth saw this as an invitation to excel.  Keeping up with men in a workout? An easy task for Mary Beth. Staving off an attack on an Ambassador?  “Never let them see you sweat” is her inspiring motto.

Due to the Coronavirus, the e-book version of the book has been released first (through Amazon).  The release of paperback and hardcover versions are delayed until Mary Beth is able do in-person events. She will be sure and let everyone know when that date becomes clear.


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