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Yesterday the department held a Declaration Day event and in five hours, we gained 25 new majors and 13 new minors. That's one declaration every eight minutes!

These include newly declared minors from students in the Milken Institute of Public Health, the Elliott School of International Relations, and the GW School of Business, demonstrating the department's reach beyond CCAS into other student populations of GW.

Thank you to Dr. Schell, Dr. Dopkins, and the students who assisted with completing paperwork, doling out goodie bags, and generally dispensing goodwill on the department's behalf!

Check out our amazing alum, Dr. Danielle Busby! She recently presented at Education Now Detroit, focusing on how trauma impacts students’ learning and she discussed how trauma can impact the brain, behavior, and ultimately student learning. To watch the full event visit the NBC News Learn website at:…/watch-the-nbc-news-learn-educatio….
If you just want to see the best part (Danielle Renay), go to minutes 2:00 through 7:45!

Congratulations to all the students and faculty who helped make National Depression Screening Day a huge success. A total of 145 screenings were completed! That may be an all time high!

Thank you especially to all the first and second years and to our Meltzer staff: Amrisha, Alexis and Adri. And, thank you to our baker, Andrew Gepty!

A great showing for our clinic and a great service to the community!


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