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Congrats to Dr. Sarah Shomstein on this new special issue of Current Opinion in Psychology, which brings attention to attention research! 40 articles are highlighted in which attention is thought to play a critical role.

From our editorial: [the issue] covers some of the newest and most exciting developments in the field. Although studies of attention were amongst the earliest experimental investigations focused on uncovering psychological mechanisms, the field has expanded considerably over the decades. This expansion reflects the many ways in which the mechanisms of attention are central to perception and cognition. However, it has been a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it speaks to the rich contribution of attentional mechanisms in information processing. On the other hand, it has led to a state in which the word “attention” has come to mean different things to different subfields. In this special issue, we present 40 articles that illustrate the breadth of research in which attention is thought to play a critical role.

The editors approached this issue with two major purposes. First, for those who are new to the study of attention, this issue will introduce recent approaches to studying this central cognitive function that showcase the sophisticated convergent methodologies used for this line of inquiry. Second, for those who are expert in this field, the breadth of articles in this issue will offer new, interesting, and provocative ideas for future research. They describe clusters of these reviews and highlight the original bedrock topics in attention from which they developed. They believe that these reviews reflect the extent of methodological practices and current state of the art for various attentional mechanisms and as such serves as a catalogue for the scope of attentional processing. [Read more of the editorial here: ].

And the list of the 40 articles can be accessed here:

Thanks to Applied Social Psychology Ph.D. ('97) alum, Dr. Jamie Goldenberg, for sharing her research with us today at the Department's Colloquium! She spoke to us about her research program focusing on applying Terror Management Theory to behavior health decisions.  Jamie also got to catch up with her dissertation advisor, Dr. Carol Sigelman!  Jamie is currently a Professor of Psychology at the University of South Florida.

Please join us in congratulating, Applied Social Psychology doctoral student, Charlotte Hagerman, on a first-authored publication in Health Psychology! This paper is a result of her work this summer with Dr. Susan Persky at the National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH.

Hagerman, C.J., Klein, W.K., Ferrer, R.A., & Persky, S. (in press). Association of parental guilt with harmful versus healthful eating and feeding from a virtual reality buffet. Health Psychology.

Congrats, Charlotte!

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