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Transitioning to Online Learning

2020 has surely been a memorable year. The pandemic has taken us all by storm and has drastically changed the way in which we live our everyday lives.

While virtual learning may seem daunting there are some ways that you can help to make the whole situation a little easier to manage:


Get Comfortable With Blackboard

Take some extra time to play around with blackboard and figure out all the feautures that may be helpful throughout the course of the semester. Make sure you have located where all course assignments can be found and submitted as well as checking the various ways to communicate with your professor and classmates (course messages, blackboard collaborate, etc.)

Set Aside Time

While classes may not be meeting on their normal weekly schedule set aside a specific time to dedicate towards each class. Having this set time for you to focus allows you to review notes, reach out to your professor for clarification and ensure that there are no assignments that you are missing out on. Personally I like to make use of a planner so that I can visually see when i will be making time to study as well as what tasks I want to accomplish during that session.

Set Aside Space

Have a designated study space. If you I’ve with other people this may be a little tricky, however make sure you are not doing work in your bed. This will disrupt your sleep patterns and cause you to associate your bed with work, rather than relaxation. Instead try the kitchen counter, a corner outside, or set up shop in the living room. 

 Stay Connected

While classes are virtual you still want to try and make connections. One of the greatest benefits of furthering your education is all the people you meet along the way. Try going to virtual happy hours with other students or stopping m=by a professor’s zoom office hours. This will try and bring some normalcy back and help you to not feel so isolated

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