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Navigating a New Normal

You may have noticed a pause in posts on this blog. As graduate ambassadors, we represent the College of Arts and Sciences, but we are also individuals and students that have been dealing with the realities of today. Speaking from personal experience, a pause was needed in order to process everything, be attentive to our communities, and grieve the summer and fall we thought we would have in 2020. Moving forward, we want this site to continue to be a thoughtful and intentional place to share experiences, thoughts, and opportunities at GW with you.

Like most other graduate students I’m sure, I had an idea of what my 2 year program might look like at GW.  We poured time and energy into deciding on this individualized path that would put us in better positions to tackle the next step in our careers.

I had a intense first semester with my cohort in the New Media Photojournalism program last fall in 2019. I went through the growing pains of moving to a new city, I had studio intensive courses that pushed me to be a better artist, and I began a more focused spring semester with high hopes for the coming year.

…And then, as you know, COVID19 hit.

I don’t intend to write about how this pandemic has personally impacted me, because it really has affected everyone so differently and I don’t want to detract from that. We all have experiences from these past 5+ months that are important and will continue to shape how we move forward and establish a new normal for ourselves and our communities.  So many lived experiences and hardships have been amplified around us. And as arduous as it’s been for so many, I am hopeful that this time has made us all more attentive, purposeful individuals and students as we move into this untraditional fall semester in 2020.

While there is still so much uncertainty for our future, this is a really important time to be graduate students, both living/working remote elsewhere and those living in DC. There will be so much creative problem solving this next semester, and probably into next year, I think that will only transform the work we do in the future. What we put into practice now will give us the tools and perspectives to fight for a better tomorrow.

Here’s to staying critical and curious, seeking community and joy in the journey, and all the growth that will come this next year. I look forward to seeing how all students, but especially graduate students at GW, choose to move forward.

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