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One of a Kind

Now that the semester is in full swing, many GW students are busy working on the last credits they need to complete their degrees and graduate in the Spring class of 2020. We have mid-terms, finals, and some have comprehensive exams all looming in our minds for the next few months. As stressful as all that may sound; for the simple fact that we’ve spent time learning and growing as part of the incredible community here, we can and will succeed. We’re built for it. And the light at the end of that tunnel is brighter than most will ever get to see. As soon to be GW graduates, we will have the honor of celebrating our great accomplishments at our University Commencement on the NATIONAL MALL. We are the only university that gets this amazing opportunity and what better way to recognize all of our hard work than at this historical and picture perfect location. Just another special thing amongst many others that you won’t experience anywhere else except at GW.  #RaiseHigh


The crowd of graduates throwing their caps with the Washington Monument in the background

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