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Graduate Open House!

The much anticipated event of the fall semester came and went: Open House! Our team of graduate ambassadors were all eagerly anticipating the opportunity to meet and converse with prospective students. I was filled with a lot of uncertainty about the event, from how many people would attend to whether or not I had enough insight to offer up. Yet, I quickly realized as individuals filed into the Grand Ballroom of the Marvin Center that I was standing in a position of opportunity. These prospective students were hoping to acquire more information about what their future could hold, and if that future aligns with what George Washington University has to offer. As someone who just last year was in that same position, I could empathize, and the opportunity to have honest dialogue became exciting.

The day was full of information sessions ranging from how to balance money, to what it’s like living in DC, to meeting one on one with program heads. I led tours, both for the Columbian college as a whole, and for students interested in Corcoran School of Arts & Design. I got a lot of questions, big and small, and some that I couldn’t fully answer. However, the beauty of this university is that it really is a network of resources and knowledge — if you can’t find what you’re looking for from one person, there’s someone else you can be connected with, whether that’s in the school or the city as a whole. We can’t control who decides to enroll, but we can do our best to be as genuine and helpful in their journey to success.



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