Arctic PIRE participates in Science Night at a public elementary school

On the evening of February 23, a team representing Arctic PIRE traveled to Cora Kelly Elementary School in Alexandria, VA to share topics of Arctic life and climate with local students.


Photographer: Binyu Yang

Graduate research assistant Beth Short from the #60Above60 initiative shares student stories from schools around the Arctic, including Alaska and Scandinavia. Learn more about this environmental storytelling project here.


Photographer: Claire Franco

A student tests different ways to build a house in frozen sand to demonstrate the challenges of infrastructure in permafrost regions. Over the evening, the ground material reached various stages of thawing out, which demonstrated the variables of climate fluctuation and human influence on permafrost integrity.


Photographer: Beth Short

Greg Colletti from the Educational Outreach component of the #60Above60 project facilitates a review of polar geography

Photographer: Beth Short


Photographer: Beth Short

Undergraduate research assistant Claire Franco helps students identify animals of the Arctic Ocean and surrounding terrestrial biomes.


Photographer: Beth Short

In an experiment to demonstrate the natural insulation of Arctic animals, students  cover their hands with blubber-like vegetable shortening and plunge them into a tub of ice water. Graduate research assistant Nina Feldman explains more about animal adaptations in the region.


Photographer: Beth Short

In our small puddle of Arctic Ocean, the students are protected from the sharp iciness.

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