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Persian Food - It's our stew, the Esfahani's stew

Ingredients: For 6 people

Chicken 1 in

Or meat of 0.5 kg

200 g of oil

Enough spices

Pepper enough

Egg yolk 8 pcs

Saffron 1 tbsp

2 yogurt yogurt

Salt in enough


Pour the yogurt into a cloth bag the day before to let it go. Cook chicken or meat and fry. Allow the chicken or meat juice to thicken and sprinkle with yogurt and sautéed saffron, mix well, add pepper, spices, and salt to taste. Boil for a quarter, fork over the yolks and pour into the stew and stir quickly to attract other ingredients. Reduce the flame and cook over low heat for 15 minutes.

persian food
epersianfood - persian food

Have you ever cooked cauliflower stew?

Ingredients: For 6 people

Meat 0/5 kg

Cauliflower 2 pcs

300 g of oil

Tomato paste 1 tablespoon

Turmeric enough

Lemon juice 1 cup

2 onions

Saffron enough

Salt in enough

Pepper enough



Cook meat and chop onions and fry in oil. Cut cauliflower bud and fry with onion. Be careful not to squash the cauliflower. Mix one tablespoon of tomato paste in red oil and lemon juice and pepper. Pour all the ingredients into the meat and add the saffron and spices. Cauliflower should not boil too much and cook quickly

Persian Food - How to cook celery stew


Celery, if it was small, 2 in 1

Raw meat or lamb thighs, preferably 500 grams of muscle

1 onion

Omani lemons 2 to 3

Turmeric with half a teaspoon

Salt 1 teaspoon

Sufficient oil

Cold water 3 glasses



Separate the celery stalks and rinse thoroughly. Then cut the celery stalks to two centimeters. Cut celery leaves separately with a good knife.

Slice the meat into stew sizes. Slice the onion for hot onion. Pour some oil into the pot and put on fire and fry the onion in a gentle heat. After frying the onion, fry the onion and fry for a few minutes and fry in turmeric for half a minute, adding half a teaspoon.

Then sprinkle the celery on the meat, slightly flame and fry for about 10 minutes, stirring constantly, so that it does not burn or fry well. After frying three glasses of cold water, pour the lemon juice in one hand without slicing or slicing it, throw it into the pot, close the pot and reduce the flame, adjust the heat to the flesh. It cooks very slowly.

Be careful always cook the meat on low heat when cooking, although it may take a little longer to cook, but the results will be much better.

The length of the cooking depends on your meat, so try the meat with a fork after about 45 minutes if the salt is cooked well and allow it to cook for a few minutes.

Serve celery stew with white chili

Persian Food - Eggplant Stew


Bone mutton 750 g

Aubergine 10-10 pcs

Fried onion 3 tablespoons

Average tomato 4-5 pcs

Seedless cup one second cup

One second cup of water

Half a cup of tomato paste

Enough salt and pepper


Chop the meat, wash it and bake with a little oil to make it fall. Cook the fried onions with 3 cups of water and ginger pepper over medium heat. Remove the eggplant skin after washing, cut it into a small slit in the middle, and place in a bowl of brine.


After 20 minutes we put it in the drain to extract the eggplant water. Fry eggplants over medium heat to cook them. After the eggplant is fried, roast the tomato paste and add to the stew.

After the meat is cooked, we put the eggplants next to the meat for ten minutes. Add saltwater and salt. After the stew has fallen, we put it in the pan. Decorate eggplants with fried rings and tomatoes. Eggplant stew can also be made with chicken.

You can add half a cup of pomegranate juice if you like, which will be very tasty.

Persian Food - Almond Chicken Stew


With the coming of the season of chickpeas, we have tasted it for you. Join us to make this stew ...

ingredients :

Stewed meat 400 g

Onion and fried onion 1 medium

Almonds 200g

Spiced mint and parsley 300 g

Salt and pepper and seasonings as needed

To the extent necessary

4 glasses of water




First, fry the onions with just a few spices and yolks, without salting, and fry the meat well until the water is fully stretched, then add the mint and parsley to the mix and stir. At this point, add the chickpeas and cook in a low flame saucepan and wait for 3.4 minutes, then add 4 glasses of water and wait for 45 to an hour until they taste good. Cook well and cook with good meat. Once cooked, make sure to add some salt and a little bit of coriander water and wait 10 minutes to cook. Food is ready.


some notes

  1. You can also use chicken meat instead of red meat.
  2. If you like, you can also add a little tomato paste at the end.
  3. If salt is added from the beginning, the slices will harden and cook hard.

4- Orange juice can be used instead of Ghori water.


  1. This stew can be cooked quickly and with less time

Have you ever tasted this kind of vegetable?

ingredients :

Half-boned thigh-bone meat

3 onions fried onion

250 g of oil

Omani lemon 5 to 6 pcs

Red beans 0.5 glasses

Stew greens 1 kg

Salt and pepper and turmeric as needed



Roast the meat after chopping it with the hot onion. Add the yogurt with red beans and water. Reduce the greens (chopped, parsley, coriander, a little fenugreek, a few peppermint) and sprinkle with a little oil. And pour into the meat.

Add salt and pepper. After a few boil the Omani lemon, pierce it and let the stew cook and leave. We can add 1/3 cup of stew to the stew. After cooking, the stew should be completely covered and the oil on top.

The plum stew of messa


In this section you will learn how to make plum messa which is a very tasty Gilani food….

Plum Messa is a very tasty Gilani food that we recommend to all your loved ones to cook.

Ingredients for plum messa preparation:

One piece of chicken per person

Almonds almonds 2 to 3 for each person

Black plums 2 to 3 for each person

2 onions

Sugar 2 tbsp

Some turmeric



Bring the chicken to a boil with a little water and yellow onion, and add the plums that we have fried in oil after it is half cooked.


Whenever the chicken and prunes are completely fried, add the onion that we have previously fried with the sugar as stated. After a little boiling (3 to 5 minutes) our food is ready.



  • This stew should have little water.
  • If you have noticed that the chicken is fully cooked while the plums are still cooked, remove the chicken from the pot so that the chickens are cooked and the chickens are not crushed.
  • Do not allow the onions to boil after adding the onions as the food will soak.
  • The sugar content of this dish can vary depending on your taste.
  • The taste of this dish is sweet despite the black sugar and plum.

Source: Rainbow Blog

Plum stew and spinach

ingredients :

Half a pound of mutton

One kilo of spinach

Prunes 150 g

Fried onions; a tablespoon

Enough lemon juice or orange juice

Salt and pepper enough



Cut the meat into pieces, boil and cook. Then cook it with 2 cups of water, fried onions and lightly chopped onion. After spinach, chop a little and bake in oil.

After cooking the meat, add the spinach and wait for the stew to come with pickles and salt.

Nutrition Tips:

Spinach is a good source of folic acid, so it is useful for pregnant women.

Spinach contains all three vitamins beta-carotene, E and C, all of which have antioxidant properties and prevent cancer and cardiovascular disorders.

Spinach enamels are necessary for the mucus and joints of the body.

Spinach due to magnesium, has anti-cancer properties and increases blood cells.

  1. The important thing in cooking spinach is that it should not be discarded because magnesium is present in the water.

Four groups of people should refrain from consuming spinach:

1- Affected with liver disease

Those with joint pain and rheumatism

Those with kidney stones

People with gastritis or intestinal edema

Indian style yogurt stew

This stew, along with our protein (chicken or meat) and our calcium, is a very nutritious food and would be interesting for those looking for a variety in their food menu.


1 pound chicken (about 1.5 kg)

Yogurt yogurt bag 1 kg

2 onions fried onion

Coriander 250 g

Cumin 1/2 teaspoon

Garlic 3 to 4 fillings

Sauteed saffron 1 tbsp

100 g of oil

Salt and pepper in the required amount


After cleaning and washing the chicken, cook with a glass of water and fried onions, over medium heat. Coriander is cleaned, washed and finely chopped. Spread garlic with coriander in a little red oil and pour it into the chicken pan. Add the cumin, dissolve the saffron in a little boiling water. Pour half of it into the chicken. Add enough salt and pepper and let it stand about 2 to 3 tablespoons. Remove the chicken from the pan, chop it slightly, chop it, and remove the large bones. Pour the chicken back into the pan; heat gently; blend the yogurt with the rest of the saffron and a little salt and mix until smooth and pour into the chicken pan. It should be noted that after the yogurt is poured, the stew does not boil; only the yogurt becomes hot; otherwise, the yogurt will boil due to boiling and the stew will not boil, as desired. If the chicken is not cooked with the amount of water mentioned, add some water. This stew can be made with meat; then 500 grams of boneless meat is enough. Meat, of course, needs more water to cook

Feed green beans with meat

Ingredients for 3 people

Green beans = 400 g

Stewed meat = 350 g

Potatoes = 4 large

Carrots = 4 pcs

Tomato paste = 2 tbsp

Onions = 1 medium

Turmeric and black pepper powder, saffron and salt = to the required extent


Peel the onion and fry it, then add the meat and fry a little and add the turmeric and black pepper and boil in some water.

Wash the beans and cut into halves and sprinkle with a little oil and add to the meat.

When the beans are cooked, peel the potatoes and carrots and crush them, not too small or too thick and boil and add to the meat and beans and then add the paste and bake for half a glass. Mix the water and add to the meat and saute with saffron to cook.

Enjoy your meal

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