Upcoming Events & Programs

May 23-24th, 2017: Signature Workshop "Korea and the World: New Frontiers in Korean Studies"

April 1st, 2017: Deadline for Visiting Scholars for the 2017 Fall Semester

March 31st, 2017: Lecture Series: Yafeng Xia "The Lowest Ebb: China's Policy toward North Korea during the Cultural Revoluion, 1966-1969"

March 20th, 2017: Deadline for Short Term Study Abroad to Korea

March 1st, 2017: Application opens for Visiting Scholars for the 2017 Fall Semester

February 20th, 2017: Deadline for Summer Research Grant (Extended - March 20th, 2017)

February 16th, 2017: Soh Jaipil Circle with Dr. Daniel Roh

January 30th, 2017: Lecture Series: Nan Kim "The Afterlife of Division: Reconsidering the Post-Summit Reunions of Korean Families Separated between North and South"

January 12th, 2017: Inaugural Ceremony and Conference